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Know how to double your online sales. Without doing web analytics.

Canecto is designed for webshop owners who are great at finding the right products to sell but needs to know how to boost their online sales.

Using Canecto will make you know how to double your webshops sales. You will achive the results by making the right changes in the way you get traffic to your site and by knowing what to modify in your site’s content.

The findings that let you do this are delivered to you automatically in an easy to read PDF Report.

Trusted by Happy Webshop Owners all over the world

It took three weeks from the launch of Canecto to get customers in 60 countries. And we have been growing ever since.

David Hansen
Canecto really exceeded my expectations. It quickly became clear that I could never have made these findings myself. It goes a level deeper than your usual analytics.

— David Hansen

Client consultant, Webhunters

Anette Petersen
I really appreciate how easy it’s become for me to utilize my own data. It’s idiot proof because it's so tangible and hands-on.

— Anette Petersen

CMO, Studio 12

Ruth Johansen
I get the Website Reviews every month and I have since improved my conversions by nearly 20%. And I don´t spend any time more trying to understand complicated web analytics tools.

— Ruth Johansen

Marketing Manager, Skovhuggerne

Understand the best ways to drive sales

Maximize your sites traffic investments

Boost your sites conversion rates

Everyting out of the box

Know how to select your best converting traffic channels and avoid spending money on channels that do not generate sales to you.

Know what to improve on your site to make more users convert. Stop spending time on changes that has no effect no your conversion rate.

The analytics is done for you. So you don´t have to work with specialist web analytics tools to get the findings you need.


Traffic recommendations

Understand how traffic, Social Media and your retargeting contributes to your sales. Get suggestions on your best traffic source portfolios. And get predictions on your most efficient ways to get more sales from your traffic channels.

Content Improvements

Know how to increase your webshops conversion rate. By understanding the pages you need to implement changes on. And by knowing what to change on the pages. Know how your content drives your users to convert.

Focus areas

Know where changes in your site’s traffic and content have the most significant impact on your sales. Get specific advice and recommendations on where to focus and understand why it matters.

All this for just $14 per month

Get started in less than 60 seconds


Do you require a credit card to get started?

No. You just sign up and wait for your report to be produced. You can stay on the free version for as long as you like.

What do I get for free?

You will get your first report for free. It has all the finding of a paid report. The main difference is that you are not able to set the goals for your site on the free version.

How often do I get my reports?

That is up to you. Some like to monitor their site closely, so they choose a weekly report. Others prefer a monthly version.

Is Canecto difficult to install?

No. You install it via the Canecto App on Shopify, Weebly or BigCommerce. Other platforms just install two lines of code once. That is it.

Is Canecto GDPR compliant?

Yes. Our AI looks for general patterns in user behaviours.. To do this, the AI does not need data from individual users. So both from a commercial, technical and legal perspective, we have no interest in personal data collection.

How long is the report?

You will get a 20-page report with findings in both traffic and content areas. It also has an Appendix with basic statistic data from your site.

Canecto runs on all major platforms

Get started in less than 60 seconds

No e-mail required

Free e-book
Double your online business

This free 30-page e-book will give you actionable advice, on ten smart ways that can double the output of your site.

It is totally free. You don´t need to give us your name or e-mail. Just download it if you like it.
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